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BTS’ Jungkook Breaks Silence on Dating Rumors in Candid Live Stream

BTS member Jungkook finally addressed the swirling rumors surrounding his dating life. The Fans were eagerly waiting for this moment for quite some time. In the recent live stream, the 3D singer candidly reassured fans that he is currently single. He emphasized that his focus is solely on his career and expressed his gratitude towards their unwavering support. “My girlfriend is ARMY. I only have ARMY now and I’m only looking at ARMY, so don’t worry,” he stated, referring to the devoted fanbase of BTS.

The dating rumors began when a video surfaced on Weibo. In this video,  it shows a man who bears a resemblance to Jungkook embracing a young woman. The video sparked intense speculation among fans and led to various theories and assumptions about his relationship status. 

The video that sparked the rumors was uploaded on Weibo and quickly spread across social media platforms. It led to widespread speculation among fans and they forgot that assumptions should not be made without verified information. Therefore, Jungkook had to address the rumor. 

Jungkook’s statement serves as a clear message to his fans and the public that he wants to put an end to the dating rumors that have been circulating. By addressing the speculation directly, he hopes to clarify his relationship status and shift the focus back to his music and career. 




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