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BTS V’s Pet Debuts in The Layover’s Title Track Slow Dancing

In the “Slow Dancing” music video, BTS V’s adorable pet Yeontan aka Tannie steals the show and makes a delightful debut! Fans were overjoyed to see Tannie join V in the MV.  Tannie’s appearance in “Slow Dancing” melted hearts and instantly became a fan-favorite moment. The bond between V and Tannie is truly heartwarming, and it’s evident that they share a special connection. Seeing V and Tannie together in the MV brought smiles to the faces of fans worldwide.


Tannie’s presence in “Slow Dancing” showcases the love and companionship that V shares with his furry friend. It’s wonderful to see V incorporating his beloved pet into his artistic endeavors. It made the MV even more personal and meaningful. 


BTS V’s lovable pet has already won the hearts of fans worldwide. Now, the ARMYs adore Tannie just as much as V does. They have been showering him with love and affection since the Layover’s release.

‘Slow Dancing’ is absolutely a masterpiece. Tennie’s appearance is not the only thing that makes it special, the touching lyrics and soothing melody contribute to it as well. It’s a must-watch, go check it out now. Its heartfelt lyrics will surely sweep you off your feet and you would immediately add it to your playlist. 



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