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Here is Why Chan’s Room Comes to an End!

Stray Kids group leader’s  “Chan’s Room” is discontinued. It has indeed been a shock for many fans to hear that they would no longer see their favorite Idol hosting the live session. Fans were asking Bang Chan why he took this step in social media posts and through some other means. He just decided to inform his followers that it’s not him, JYP Entertainment shut it down. 

The exact reasons for the shutdown have not been explicitly stated. On his last live session, the idol shared his experience at Music Bank in Paris, mentioning some idols who do not greet others. Bang Chan did not specifically name any idols. However, netizens assumed that he was targeting IVE. It is believed that this incident may have prompted JYP Entertainment to take action.

Bang Chan’s fans are expressing their outrage and disappointment on social media. They had formed a strong connection with the idol through these live sessions over the years. The fans would always appreciate his song recommendations, replies to comments, and the valuable life advice he shared.

It’s always difficult when something we enjoy comes to an unexpected end, but we can hope for new opportunities and experiences to come. Bang Chan is talented but undoubtedly creative as well. So, he would surely find some other way to interact with his fans. Whether it’s through social media, live broadcasts, or other platforms, Bang Chan will surely continue to engage with his fans and share special moments with them. We just have to stay tuned and support him in his future endeavors!

Until we hear from our idol, let’s continue to support him and the other members of Stray Kids whole heartedly. They have brought us so much joy and inspiration, and that will surely continue in different ways.



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