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Is BTS’ V Going to Appear on SUGA’s Suchwita?

Though, both of the BTS members have not said a word about it, it looks like V is the next guest on Suchwita. Like millions of the V’s fans, I also picked up the hints from the short live he hosted. If you missed it, here are all the details.

V went live on Weverse recently in which he revealed that he had indulged in a glass of wine for the first time in over a year. This interactive session with his fans sparked speculation about his potential appearance on SUGA’s show Suchwita

Since the last Weversa live session, almost everyone has been thinking that V may have recorded an episode of Suchwita. He might appear on an upcoming episode to promote his highly anticipated album. To be honest, the anticipation and excitement among ARMYs are palpable. The Army is eagerly waiting for the official announcement or some more details about V’s participation in the show.

Even if V has not confirmed his appearance, get your hopes up. If not in the upcoming episode, we should surely get to see him anytime in the future. BTS members share an incredibly close bond, why wouldn’t Suga love to have him as a guest on his show? Moreover, fans would love to watch him as a guest on Suga’s show at this point as well.

V might have not revealed whether he is attending Suchwita or not because he wants to surprise his fans. It’s also possible that he wants to create anticipation and excitement by keeping his appearance a secret until the show airs. V is known for his playful and mischievous nature, so this could be his way of adding an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming episode. Let’s stay tuned and see what surprises V has in store for us! 



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