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Yoojung and Lee Kyu Han Are Officially Dating

Yoojung and Lee Kyu Han were caught in dating rumors a few months back. Their agencies swiftly denied the speculations and clarified that they were simply close colleagues.

However, earlier today, their agencies have now acknowledged their romantic involvement. So, it is now confirmed that they are in a relationship. The two stars met on the South Korean variety show MBTI Trip to Ulsan and reportedly grew closer off-screen. 

The agencies of both actors and the actresses have issued somewhat the same statement. It says that Yoojung and Lee Kyu Han have good feelings for each other and yes they are getting to know each other. 

The couple kept denying it in public, probably because they were not sure about their relationship at that time. They might have decided to keep things private until they were more certain. It’s quite common for people to take their time to make their relationship public.

Now that the agencies have confirmed, it appears that the model turned actresses and the Longing for You actor are serious. Their relationship is out in the open, we might get to see them shower each other with love and give us some adorable couple goals. Well honestly, I can’t wait for that to happen.



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