Jane from Momoland Finally Addresses Dating Rumors with Joshua

jane and Joshua dating rumor

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Momoland’s Jane were caught in a dating rumor some time ago. These Korean idols remained silent this whole time, none of them clarified or confirmed. Eventually, the rumor dried down and people moved on. 

This rumor resurfaced recently when Joshua was linked to an online influencer. As people have been imagining them as a couple, they expressed disappointment and even bashed Joshua for breaking up with Jane. Numerous fans reached out to her agency to seek confirmation about the rumors. As per the reports, this influx of inquiries led to misunderstandings between Jane and her label. Therefore, she decided to break her silence and put an end to the speculation surrounding her alleged relationship with Joshua.

Jane denied the rumor in an emotional message. In this message, she revealed that she has never met Joshua in person. The South Korean singer also expressed her discomfort regarding the origin of these baseless rumors. However, she felt the need to tell the truth to her fans who have been eagerly seeking answers.

She has not given any clue about her relationship status at the moment. On the other hand, Seventeen’s Joshua is being linked to South Korean influencer Cho Mi Young. Speculation arose as they attended SEVENTEEN’s concert wearing similar outfits. However, no official confirmation has been by Joshua or the influencer.

Joshua and Jane’s agencies have yet to release official statements regarding these dating rumors. While waiting for the agencies to issue a statement, it is requested to approach the situation with sensitivity and respect for the artists involved. However, Jane provided a clear statement. She hopes to dispel any further confusion and put an end to the ongoing speculation. Therefore, we should move on and understand that their personal lives are their own. We should respect their privacy and look forward to seeing them performing their hearts out on stage.



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