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Jungkook’s Chinese Fanclub is Gearing Up for a Grand Birthday Celebration

Jungkook’s birthday is approaching and the Chinese fan club is pulling out all the stops to make his birthday an absolute blast! They have been going all out in the past few years as well. However, this time the Chinese fan club is making it more grand for the idol by celebrating his birthday and the success of “Seven” together.  From extravagant decorations to heartfelt messages, they’re leaving no stone unturned to make Jungkook feel like the superstar he is. 

Jungkook China is taking Jungkook’s birthday celebrations to a whole new level! As per the reports, they are creating a massive and adorable ‘Hot 100 No.1 Baby’ sculpture for his special day. This incredible sculpture will be showcased on Seoul Eland Cruise, along with Seven-themed scenes and a beautiful purple album flower waterfall. Fans can visit the cruise from 30th August to 3rd September to experience this extraordinary birthday-supporting event. 

Besides that, the fans club is organizing ads to be displayed on all N.Square LED screens inside Subway lines 1-8. From tomorrow until his birthday, his birthday ads will be on the top of METRO-GATE LED screens at all entrances and exits of Subway Lines 1~8. It’s truly incredible to see the fan club’s creativity and dedication in setting up these colorful and eye-catching attractions for this special occasion. With such a grand display of love and support, Jungkook is bound to feel incredibly special on his birthday.

We can also take part in this Jungkook’s grand birthday celebration as well. How? Well by creating fan art or video montage of birthday wishes and share it on social media using hashtag #HappyBirthdayJungkook. We can organize a charity project for a cause he cares about. More importantly, stream his music, watch his performances, and spread the love and support for him.



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