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Jungkook’s Recent Hit Solo “Seven” Accused of Plagiarism

Jungkook’s recent solo “Seven” that we all are hooked to is under investigation. According to a South Korean media outlet, this song is accused of having a similar scale sequence to Fin. K.L.’s song “Time of Mask” released in 2000. Yang Joon Young who is composer of Time of Mask has noticed some similarities in the main melody of Jungkook’s solo Seven. 

The Time of Mask’s composer has sent some pieces of evidence to one of the in-house producers of HYBE. He requested an investigation and evaluation into the matter by the main people of the company itself. HYBE has not issued any statement regarding the situation. They may issue statement in some time as Bang Si Hyuk is currently in the United States on a business trip. 

So far, we do not have access to any other information about plagiarism accusations against the BTS member’s solo. It’s important to rely on official statements or investigations conducted by relevant parties to determine if any song has been plagiarized. Accusations of plagiarism are serious and should be handled with care. Let’s await official statements or clarifications from the involved parties before making any judgments. 

This K-pop star’s solo has recently surpassed 400 million streams on Spotify.  If the song is proven to be plagiarized, it would have legal implications and consequences for the artist and everyone else involved. While waiting for the official statement, we should not leave Jungkook alone. He is a talented artist who has brought joy and inspiration to many people through his music. Therefore, we should show love and support, especially during challenging times. Let’s continue to appreciate and uplift Jungkook’s work, and look forward to his future endeavors.



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