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Kim So Hye is Back With the Highly anticipated Drama ‘My Lovely Boxer’!

Attention Kim So Hye fans! Your favorite South Korean actress is making a comeback with a highly-anticipated drama ‘My Lovely Boxer’! The press conference for the drama was today. The director Choi Sang Yeol and Hong Eun Mi, along with stars Lee Sang Yup, Kim So Hye, and Park Ji Hwan and a few in the audience attended it. 

Kim So Hye is returning after almost 2 years, the actress was accused of being a school bully back in February 2021. She received a lot of hatred, it felt like her career was over. She would never be able to pick herself up and pursue her passion. Therefore, this news is no less than a surprise for her fans as well as the critics.

Ever since the news of her comeback broke, this Korean actress has been receiving a lot of attention. To be honest, Kim So Hye truly deserves this attention as she worked “really” hard to make her mark in the entertainment industry. Besides Kim So Hye’s comeback, we also have another amazing Korean drama to look forward to. It’s always a treat to have more quality shows to watch! Isn’t it so?

Now let’s talk about this upcoming Korean drama a bit. ‘My Lovely Boxer’ is a heartwarming story of Kim Tae Young (played by Lee Sang Yup), a ruthless sports agent who seeks talented athletes to exploit for profit. He gets the task of bringing back former boxer Lee Kwon Sook (played by Kim So Hye) to the ring after her sudden disappearance three years ago. Now, we have to see how Kim Tae Young would bring Lee Kwon Sook back and love will blossom. 

This Korean sports drama will premiere on August 21 at 9:45 PM KST. Mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting and heartwarming show that will surely captivate us all. Don’t miss out on this highly anticipated  drama and the talented cast!



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