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Naver Now is Launching a New Weekly Music Show

Hold your seats Kpop fans as you are about to get some valuable information on a weekly music show. Naver Now has brought us a new weekly music program NPOP.  However, still most of us do not know much about it. 

Get ready to be blown away by the mind-blowing live broadcast and pre-recorded performances of your favorite K-Pop stars on ‘NPOP’! As per the information provided, this music show will air on the first, second, and third Wednesdays of each month. The live broadcast will be on the fourth Monday featuring six artists who released new music that month.

Naver Now announced Npop and has released the teaser for the month of August recently. The teaser says that we will get to see electrifying performances of NewJeans in the final days of August. The lineup of artists who will be showcased in September includes CRAVITY, STAYC, BOYNEXTDOOR, and RIIZE. As per the reports, BTS’s V is also going to set the stage on fire this September as well. He might perform on four of his hit songs including “Slow Dancing”.

It’s great to see all these talented artists being featured on the show. By just watching the teaser, we can tell it’s going to be an epic music show. I’m sure fans of these artists would eagerly look forward to their performances on this music show. It will be an excellent platform for both established and emerging K-Pop artists to showcase their talent and connect with fans. 

Kudos to Naver for bringing this unique Music show to K-Pop fans worldwide! It’s fantastic to see this streaming service supporting the K-Pop industry and providing another platform for artists to perform.

I’m super excited for BTS V’s performance, which performances are you looking forward to? Lastly, I suggest you to not miss any performances. These electrifying performances will have you dancing and singing along. So, get hyped for the ultimate K-Pop extravaganza on ‘NPOP’!




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