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V’s ‘Layover’ is a Hit Overseas! 

Do you know V’s first solo album ‘Layover’ is killing it? It is dominating the charts worldwide. Layover has sold a whopping 221,491 units and reached #1 on Oricon’s Daily Album Ranking. Not only that, but the lead single “Slow Dancing” also topped Oricon’s Daily Digital Single Ranking chart. The B-side tracks “Blue,” “For Us,” and “Slow Dancing (Piano Version)” are also making waves. These songs managed to take 4th, 5th, and 6th position on the chart. 

“Slow Dancing” has already 4,743,367 streams on Spotify. With such impressive streams, it ranks at an impressive #11 on the Daily Top Song – Global chart. And that’s not all, the single topped iTunes’ Top Song charts in a whopping 75 countries! ‘Layover’ itself is also a chart-topper, reaching #1 on iTunes’ Top Album charts in 65 countries. 

In Korea, ‘Layover’ sold a jaw-dropping 1,672,138 copies on its first day. It made our favorite BTS member a million-seller. Undoubtedly, that’s the highest sales on the day of release for a K-pop solo singer’s album. Isn’t it proof that V’s talent and popularity are unmatchable?

ARMY, you have played a significant role in supporting and uplifting V throughout his journey. Keep showing love and support for your favorite BTS member. Keep streaming, buying, and sharing his music to help him reach even greater heights. Our support means the world to him, so let’s continue cheering him on and spreading the word about his amazing talent. Together, we can make sure V’s solo journey keeps shining bright! 



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