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Yeontan Becomes the First K-Pop Idol Pet to Receive an Official Performance Fancam

BTS V’s adorable Pomeranian pet recently made history as the first K-Pop idol pet to receive an official performance fancam. After his solo debut during V’s ‘Slow Dancing’ performance on ‘M! Countdown,’ Mnet released an official fancam of Yeontan on September 20. Yeontan’s recent milestone has truly solidified his status as a superstar in his own unique way. 

Throughout the video, BTS V’s adorable pet Yeontan displayed remarkable professionalism and star potential. Despite initially appearing shy, he effortlessly captured the camera’s attention and exuded charisma. Fans were thoroughly captivated by his adorable presence and couldn’t help but be amazed by his performance.


Yeontan looked absolutely adorable and charismatic in his fancam performance! His fluffy fur and adorable expressions added an extra level of cuteness to his already impressive talent. It’s no wonder fans can’t get enough of him! 

Fans around the world continue to show their support for Yeontan and celebrate his historic accomplishment. Given Yeontan’s growing popularity and the positive response from fans, it’s highly likely that we’ll see more of him in the future. Since Tennie has become a beloved icon, he would continue to make appearances and steal our hearts even more for sure. Fans can not contain their excitement for what’s next in store for Tennie. They are already eagerly waiting to see him again.



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