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BTS’ V is Dropping Behind-the-Scenes Footage of His Upcoming Album “Layover”

Get ready ARMY, because V is about to drop some mind-blowing behind-the-scenes footage of his album ‘Layover’ very soon. It’s like a VIP pass to witness the creative process and see all the hard work that goes into making an incredible album. 

Our favorite BTS member has been tirelessly working on this solo album for quite some time now. It looks like the ‘Layover’ is almost ready. Though the album is releasing on September 8th, behind-the-scenes footage might be uploaded in a day or so.

The BTS members often share behind-the-scenes footage to give fans a glimpse into their creative process and the making of their music. The fans wait for such videos and this band is not the one to disappoint. Such videos are shared on BTS’s official YouTube account. However, within an hour the fans share the highlights of the videos on their social media handles. To get to watch the behind-the-scenes footage as soon as it is uploaded, keep checking the official YouTube account. 

Lastly, I would like to say that V’s talent knows no bounds. I’m sure this footage will give us a whole new appreciation for his artistry. Stay tuned and keep those ARMY hearts ready for this epic sneak peek! 



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