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RM From BTS Reveals His Relationship Status in the Recent Live Session! 

BTS’ RM just delighted fans with an exclusive peek into his everyday life during a recent live session! The charismatic leader of BTS took it as the opportunity to connect with fans on a more personal level.

RM created an atmosphere that felt like talking to a friend over a video call. He shared insights into his daily routine. The group leader explained what he enjoys doing in his free time, and even gave a glimpse of his home. 

During the live session, one of the fans commented ‘introduce your girlfriend?’ RM responded with a crackling laugh, he admitted that he currently does not have a girlfriend and even jokingly asked the fan to introduce him to one. 

RM’s adorable shy laugh had all his fans swooning. Therefore, he quickly became a trending topic on X (formerly Twitter). Now, fans have been creating hilarious memes and edits and solidifying RM’s status as the perfect husband material. 

As we know, dating is still considered taboo in the Kpop world. RM’s relaxed attitude and openness about his personal life is a refreshing change. It’s inspiring to see him break the taboo and show that idols can have a healthy balance between their careers and personal relationships. His authenticity sets a positive example for fans and helps break down barriers. Keep spreading the love and support for RM and BTS! 




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