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Jisoo’s Solo Song ‘Flower’ Surpasses 400 Million Views on YouTube

Jisoo’s solo song ‘Flower’ surpasses a staggering 400 million views on YouTube. The member of renowned girl group BLACKPINK released ‘Flower’ on March 31. The song quickly captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its enchanting melodies and the singer’s mesmerizing vocals. 

‘Flower’ became a global sensation immediately, and within a few hours it was trending at number one worldwide on YouTube. In seven days, ‘Flower’ reached the impressive milestone of 100 million. Now after 186 days it has crossed the remarkable threshold of 400 million views.

Not only has ‘Flower’ captivated fans globally, but it has also shattered records and garnered attention in the music industry. Jisoo’s solo debut has proven to be a massive hit. It propelled her into the spotlight as a solo artist.

Reaching 400 million views is a testament to Jisoo’s incredible talent and the unwavering support of BLINKs. The achievement solidifies Jisoo’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry.

Fans flooded social media with congratulatory messages. They are expressing their admiration for Jisoo’s artistry and the impact of ‘Flower’ on their lives. Let’s keep the love and support flowing for our amazing artist, Jisoo. She has given us incredible music and unforgettable performances. 



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