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Get Ready a Brand New Remix of Jungkook’s Seven is About to Drop!

BIGHIT MUSIC recently released a teaser poster confirming the exciting collaboration between BTS’s Jungkook and Alesso for a new remix of “Seven” (feat. Latto). It’s going to be a fusion of talent and creativity that will have everyone dancing and grooving to the deep beats. Remixes offer a fresh take on a familiar track. They add new elements and styles that can bring a different energy and vibe to the song. 

This remix is composed and produced by Alesso. It promises to bring a Progressive House genre to the song. Moreover, this version would have a rhythmic feel with synth bass and a drop section that complements both Jungkook’s vocal skills and the original instrumental. Mark your calendars because the remix will be released tomorrow on August 25th at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST).

Jungkook’s “Seven” has already had multiple remixes. The popular ones are such Weekday Ver., Weekend Ver., Nightfall Ver., and LoFi Ver. All the remixes showcase the song’s versatility across different genres. Each remix version of Jungkook’s seven has brought a unique flavor to the track, from bright and poppy to dark and rock-like sounds. Based on the previous remixes of “Seven” and Alesso’s reputation as a world-renowned DJ, it’s safe to say that fans will absolutely love this remix! 

Now, they are eagerly anticipating Alesso’s version, given his reputation as a world-renowned DJ. With Jungkook’s angelic voice paired against the deep beats, this remix is bound to be a captivating blend of talent and musicality. Get ready for an incredible musical experience that will have you dancing and feeling the energy! 

Do not forget the original song, the original songs showcases Jungkook’s creativity and vision from the ground up. While listening and loving this new remix, keep supporting the original song and the artist.



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