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Jungkook Reveals Why People Love the Band and Recommends a Song to Spark K-Pop Love

Jungkook of the popular boy band BTS recently gave an interview in which he made many revelations. He talked about his favorite birth flower tattoo on his arm. More importantly, he shared what he thinks is why people love BTS so much.

The host asked why people love BTS so much even though there is a language barrier. “One of the members, RM said this one of course, performance is the main feature of K-pop. K-pop is pleasing to the eyes and ears but there are also a lot of related elements and content that come along with it. RM said that it’s like a full package. I think that’s what captivates so many people around the world”, Jungkook said in response.

Jungkook is right, fans “totally” agree with Jungkook’s words. K-pop truly offers a complete package of amazing performances, catchy music, and a wide range of related content. It’s not just about the language, but the overall experience that captivates people worldwide.

Besides that, Jungkook also recommends a song to introduce K-pop to the people in the same interview. Can you guess the song? Well, it’s none other than our favorite “Idol”. Idol is one of the hit BTS songs that explores the concept of identity and being Idol for yourself. Besides the powerful message, the energetic beats, catchy chorus, and mesmerizing choreography make it worth listening to. Undoubtedly, it is an absolute banger that has stood the test of time. The energy, the lyrics, and the overall vibe of the song make it a true favorite among ARMYs. It’s a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of BTS!

Jungkook believes that this BTS song has a powerful vibe. So, to introduce this BTS to someone new to boy bands, he chose this song. You can also suggest “Blood Sweat & Tears” as well, this song showcases BTS’s talent and captivating energy.



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