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RIIZE Fanclub Name is Changed After One Day of Announcement

On September 4, RIIZE revealed the fanclub name as “SUNZ ”. The announcement of RIIZE’s fanclub name “SUNZ” received mixed reactions due to its similarity to the Japanese rising sun flag. This flag has historical connotations related to Japan’s colonization of South Korea. It has been compared to the Nazi swastika by those affected by Japan’s militarism and imperialism. The concerns raised by fans about the combination of the group name and “SUNZ” highlighted the sensitivity surrounding this issue. Therefore, these concerns led to a discussion and consideration of alternative options. Ultimately, the decision was made to change the fanclub name to “BRIIZE”. 

SM Entertainment informed the fandom about the decision in a brief post. Here is the summary of the post

RIIZE’s official fanclub name has been changed from “SUNZ” to “BRIIZE” due to concerns raised by fans about the potential negative connotations of the previous name. SUNZ was chosen with good intentions. The fanclub name is now changed solely to address the concerns raised by RIIZE’s fans. “BRIIZE” received the second most votes from fans, and the announcement states that the new fanclub will officially open on September 12. Let’s show our support for RIIZE and their journey together with the fanclub! 




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