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Rowoon Steps Back from SF9!

Yes, it’s true Rowoon is stepping back from SF9! In a recent statement from FNC Entertainment, it was announced that Rowoon will no longer be an active member of the K-pop boy band. However, the rest of the members have renewed their contracts. This announcement was made on SF9’s official fan café website and has left the fans with mixed emotions. Rowoon will be missed but it would be interesting to see how SF9 evolves and adapts to this new chapter in their journey.

Undoubtedly, Rowoon is not only a talented singer but also an actor. He has captured the hearts of many with his charm and stage presence. His departure from SF9 marks a significant change for the group and its dynamic. The specific reasons for Rowoon’s decision were not disclosed in the statement. However, it’s clear that this decision was made after careful consideration.

As fans, we should support Rowoon in his future endeavors, both as an individual artist and in any potential future projects with SF9. Change is a natural part of the entertainment industry, and it’s important to remember that artists need to explore different paths and opportunities. So, we wish Rowoon all the best in his future endeavors, and look forward to seeing what lies ahead for both him and SF9.



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