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SUGA’s Enlistment Date Has Been Unveiled

Hello ARMY! SUGA’s military enlistment date has been officially confirmed as September 22. SUGA’s enlistment date is confirmed by BRIGHT MUSIC, a South Korean entertainment company. The entertainment company has also confirmed that there will not be any official event or fan visit on the day SUGA joins the military. 

BRIGHT MUSIC also kindly requested fans to respect the decision and refrain from attempting to meet the singer. It has also mentioned that they would take serious action against any unauthorized activities. Lastly, the label requested fans to continue loving and supporting SUGA until he completes his services and returns to the stage.

The entertainment company hasn’t given a specific reason for this decision. However, it looks like the decision of not to hold any official event or fan visit is taken for a smooth transition. 

For all those who do not know, South Korean law mandates that all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 serve in the military for approximately 18 to 21 months. It ensures a robust national defense against foreign forces. 

Fans have varied reactions to the news of their favorite idols entering military service. Some may feel a mix of pride and sadness, understanding the importance of fulfilling their duty while missing their presence. Others show unwavering support, sending messages of encouragement and patiently waiting for their return. It’s a bittersweet time for fans, but their love and loyalty remain strong.




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