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Chrissy Teigen Joins the Blink Fandom!

OMG, guess what? This recent BLACKPINK concert was a star-studded affair! Chrissy Teigen, Tom Brady, and their families attended the concert. As per the reports they met BlackPINK backstage and even took photos. 

It looks like Chrissy Teigen has officially joined the BLINK fandom after attending the concert!  The American model took to Instagram to express her love for the group. She wrote that finally saw @blackpinkofficial and phew I got it, that was a show. She also asked her fans to recommend her the best fan pages and expressed a desire to learn everything about this girl group in the same post.

There are over comments on Chrissy Teigen’s post, here is how fans responded to her.

“Watch the BLACKPINK’s documentary ‘Light Up the Sky’ on the sky. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE”

“Welcome to BLINKS Chrissy”

“Obsessed with them”


“Netflix documentary”

“Youtube channel LILIFILM” 

“The Netflix doc is sooooo good, it gives great background info”

“Yes! Watch the Netflix doc for sure”

“Definitely check out their Netflix documentary. Also hi, I’m a Jennie fan page and I follow a bunch of really good fan pages too! But I’d start off with the official content first if I were you”




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