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Jihyo is Releasing an English Version of Killin’ Me Good

OMG, Jihyo is dropping an English version of her hit song “Killin’ Me Good” and it’s going to be a bop. JYP Entertainment confirmed that the english version of the song will be out on September 15 at 1 PM KST. The posters of this version are also released. 

“Killin’ Me Good” is already a hit song in its original version. With Jihyo’s incredible vocals and the catchy rhythm, it’s bound to be amazing in the English version too. 

Jihyo’s solo debut album sold over 534,000 copies in its first week and even reached number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart. Zone has 6 songs, including the title track. Her debut album made her a half-million seller as a soloist. “Killin’ Me Good” is a hit song from her debut solo album which came out last month. The song has such a rhythmic and groovy sound that it’s hard not to get into the groove. 

With the English version of “Killin’ Me Good,” Jihyo wants to reach a wider audience and showcase her amazing vocal skills to international fans. The song already has a catchy chorus and Jihyo’s powerful vocals steal the show. Now, with the English version, fans can fully understand the song’s meaning and sing along to every word. 




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