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Jungkook Turns 26 Today

The incredibly talented and most popular member of BTS Jungkook is celebrating his birthday today! The K-pop star has turned 26 today. It’s a momentous occasion for all ARMYs around the world. It’s time to appreciate his incredible vocals, stunning dance moves, and his unwavering dedication to his craft. 

Ever since Jungkook joined BTS as a member, he has never failed to melt our hearts. Remember that time when he surprised ARMYs with a cover of “Paper Hearts” or when he showed off his aegyo during fan meetings? And let’s not forget his sweet interactions with his fellow BTS members. Ah, Jungkook is just too precious! 

Fans all over the world are absolutely celebrating Jungkook’s birthday with so much love and excitement! They celebrated his previous birthdays with great zeal as well. However, they are now going extra miles this time to make it a remarkable affair. The fan community started buzzing with birthday wishes, fanart, and heartfelt messages for him weeks before the big day. The Chinese fanclub has created a massive Hot 100 No.1 Baby’ sculpture that is being showcased on Seoul Eland Cruise. Everyone who loves Jungkook can go see it till September 3rd.

Lastly let’s have a look at few of the cutest birthday wishes!






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