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Know How Jungkook Made this Birthday Unforgettable for the Fans

The BTS Army has truly made Jungkook’s birthday a grand affair. The K-pop star also went above and beyond to make this day unforgettable for  ARMYs. He wrote a heartfelt message and came online to have a chit chat with the ARMYs.

He wrote

Hello, everyone! This is Jungkook and It’s my birthday. As time goes by, I feel like my birthday is nothing special these days. However, the time that you took care of me is so precious. So I’m writing this post to make an impression leaving no room for doubt. My expressions are limited, I think I’m going to say the things I always said to you today. I just want to say that I’m always thankful for the love I’m receiving and that I know that my time with you is precious. I genuinely love you all so much. I have been spending every day so happily these days. I feel so confident, but I don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for you all haha. I just want us to continue to trust each other and while doing so I wish to keep walking with you guys. Thank you always! Let’s be happy. I am uploading this post 1 minute beforehand (hahaha) I am so happy.” 

In the Video session, Jungkook played “Take Two” by BTS and V’s “Sweet Night” in the background and made everyone all swoon. He shared he was super busy all day and how he managed to make time for his beloved fans. The 26 years old K-pop star also showed off his magical skills with a deck of cards and left fans completely amazed. From picking two aces to shuffling them and revealing four aces, he blew everyone’s minds!


Jungkook also took a moment to reflect on the number of birthdays he has spent with the ARMY. Later he expressed his heartfelt gratitude for celebrating 11 birthdays together since his debut in 2013. This live session was not as long as his usual ones. However, fans were still overjoyed that he spent some time of his day with his fans on this special and memorable day. Lastly, his bandmate Jimin also wished him birthday on Instagram.






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