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LOOSSEMBLE Wins the Legal Battle

Great news for LOOSSEMBLE and their fans! The legal battle between CTD ENM, the agency of the K-Pop girl group, and Blockberry Creative has come to a positive conclusion. The court ruled in favor of CTD ENM and has allowed  LOOSSEMBLE to keep their team name and continue their activities.

Blockberry Creative had filed a civil suit against CTD ENM, seeking to prevent the group from using names similar to “LOONA” and “LOONA ASSEMBLE.” However, the court’s decision has given the green light to LOOSSEMBLE and has allowed them to use their new name without any restrictions.

This verdict is a significant victory for the group and their agency. It ensures that LOOSSEMBLE can continue to entertain their fans with their incredible talent and performances. The support and dedication of LOOSSEMBLE’s fans throughout this legal battle have undoubtedly played a crucial role in this positive outcome.

With this legal hurdle behind them, LOOSSEMBLE can now focus on creating amazing music, captivating performances, and bringing joy to their fans worldwide. Congratulations to LOOSSEMBLE and their agency on this well-deserved victory!

The girl group has won the lawsuit and would resume their activities pretty soon. We should show our support by streaming their music, sharing their content on social media, and attending their performances if possible.



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