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The Tracklist of Jini’s ‘An Iron Hand in Velvet Glove’ is Released

The former member of NMIXX Jini has just dropped the tracklist of the upcoming EP, “An Iron Hand In a Velvet Glove. The EP is releasing on October 11 however the tracklist is unveiled. 

The EP is packed with some amazing songs that you would not want to miss. These include

  • Here We Go Again
  • C’mon” (feat. Anime) 
  • Dancing with the Devil
  • Bad Reputation
  • “C’mon” (Korean version)

Jini left NMIXX back in December 2022. Since that day, she has been focusing on building her solo career. She collaborated with many brands, did a paid promotion for CELINE, became a new face for MAC Cosmetics Korea, and also signed with ATOC. However, currently Jini is preparing for her debut solo EP.

An Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove has something for everyone to enjoy. Each song on the EP would bring its own unique flavor and showcase Jini’s incredible talent as a singer and songwriter. 

Fans have been absolutely ecstatic since the announcement of Jini’s solo debut. Jinni’s fans from all over the world are expressing their excitement and support. They are eagerly waiting for more teasers, information and have been counting down the days until the release. 

The tracklist has already been unveiled, and now we just have to patiently wait for the official release. Trust me, it is going to be absolutely worth it! Jini has poured her heart and soul into this EP, and I have no doubt that each song will be a masterpiece. So let’s hold on a little longer and get ready to be blown away when it finally drops! 




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