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BigHit Music Addresses the Plagiarism Accusations Against Jungkook’s Seven

In the previous post, you read that Jungkook’s Seven is accused of plagiarism. You also got to know that the composer of Time of Mask found some similarities in the main melody. 

I’m glad to inform you that BigHit Music has finally issued a statement. According to the statement, The claim of copyright infringement regarding Jungkook’s Seven is not true at all. The music company has also said that “Seven” is made through the collaboration of five foreign composers. Its creation is completely unrelated to the Time of Mask. These are just one-sided claims, they do not meet any criteria such as substantial similarity and principles in determining plagiarism.

The statement from BigHit Music appears to be quite comprehensive and clarifying. They have explicitly stated that the claim of copyright infringement regarding Jungkook’s “Seven” is not true. Moreover, the company has provided all the necessary information about the song’s creation process. So, there is “absolutely” nothing to worry about now. 

With the accusations against Jungkook’s “Seven” being proven false, it’s safe to say that our Idol is now out of hot waters. It’s a relief to see the situation clarified and his reputation intact. It’s commendable how Jungkook’s fans didn’t jump to conclusions and patiently waited for the official statement. I appreciate that they understand that it’s important to rely on verified information rather than spreading rumors. Their trust and support for Jungkook are truly admirable. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the maturity and loyalty of his fans. 

BigHit might have given its statement, Jungkook would surely like to say something about it as well. I’m sure his perspective will provide valuable insight and clarity. Let’s stay tuned and keep supporting Jungkook until he addresses the situation. It’s always important to hear directly from the artist themselves.




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