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Jin of BTS Sends Sweetest Message to the Army

OMG! Did you hear BTS’s Jin left the sweetest message for his fans? No? The official X handle of BTS posted the message, continuing Jin’s monthly tradition of connecting with ARMYs. Fans couldn’t help but gush over the adorable video message from Jin. Millions of his fans expressed how much they missed him as he was away serving the military.

In the GIF-styled video, Seokjinnie aka Jin is asking “ARMYs are you having a great summer~?”, we see Jin, waving from left to right with a pink bubble wand in hand. The army loved the bubble wand so much that they are all sold out now!

As usual, Jin looks pretty stylish in a white set-up hoodie and jogger pants from his own “The Astronaut Merch” collection. He adds a touch of charm with purple heart-shaped funky eyeglasses. Throughout the video, Jin acts in the most adorable manner, pausing to gaze at the ARMYs. Fans on X (formerly Twitter) could not contain their excitement and flooded the comment section with love and adoration for this Korean idol. It can be seen that Jin’s gestures have touched their hearts.

This BTS member has been physically away due to his military service. Therefore, his presence is still felt strongly by fans. They were eagerly waiting for his return and continued to support him in all his endeavors. This video is simply not a way of wishing his beloved fans a fantastic end to the summer. It serves as a reminder of his love and appreciation for the ARMY, even from a distance. It’s truly amazing how Jin’s love and appreciation for ARMYs shine through, even while he’s away. His genuine care and gratitude for the ARMYs make the bond between him and his fans even stronger. We can’t wait to see what surprises he has in store for us in the future!




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