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Shim Hyung Tak and Hirai Saya Might Invite Jungkook to Their Korean Wedding

So, I just got to know and thought of sharing with you all that Saya might invite Jungkook to her wedding. The couple has recently revealed that they are about to have a Korean wedding and it’s their wish to invite Jungkook. 

Some of you must be wondering who Hirai Saya is. Well, she is not a celebrity at all. Hirai Saya is a Jungkook’s look alike, the netizens recognize her for having uncanny resemblance to the BTS member. She has the same doe-like eyes, adorable cheeks, and a smile that reminds you of a cute bunny. Hirai Saya and Shim Hyung Tak are big fans of Jungkook as well, it’s understandable why they want him to attend the wedding. 

Saya expressed her desire on a Korean Reality show. On this reality show, Saya was asked who she would like to invite, Jungkook she said. The couple also admitted on the same show that it’s hard to send him an invite and highly unlikely to see him attending the wedding. 

The news has just come out, the singer has not said anything about it. It’s hard to say anything at the moment whether the BTS member would attend the wedding or not. It depends on Jungkook’s availability, relationship with the couple, and personal interest. 

Celebrities receive invitations all the time, Jungkook is no exception. However, it’s quite uncommon for these public figures to attend such events. Mostly they avoid it due to busy schedules and security reasons. 

Jungkook is super busy as well, he is always busy working on music and improving his dancing skills. If Jungkook decides to attend, it would likely be a pleasant surprise for the couple and their guests. But regardless of whether he attends or not, the most important thing is for the couple to have a beautiful and memorable wedding day surrounded by their loved ones.




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