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My Dearest Breaks Viewership Record with All-Time High Viewers

Ladies and gentlemen, our favorite K-drama “My Dearest” has shattered all previous viewership records this week. This Korean romantic drama’s 6th episode was aired yesterday which has captured the hearts of viewers around the nation.

“My Dearest” has managed to secure this position because of the recent developments, gripping storyline, and remarkable production quality. Comparatively, the other K-dramas (even The Uncanny Counter 2) experienced a decline in their ratings. However,  “My Dearest” soared to new heights, it captivated viewers with its unique blend of romance, suspense, and emotional depth. Moreover, the excellent chemistry between Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin has also made people fall in love with this drama.

With its record-breaking viewership, this Korean series has cemented its place as a must-watch this season. Surprisingly, even the critics could not help but praise the development and recent performances of the characters. 

Usually, a high rating does not mean that the drama is enjoyable for everyone alike. Everyone’s preferences are different, sometimes even high-rated dramas fail to impress you. However, this South Korean TV series is an exception. If the critics can become a fan, you would love it as well. 

Based on the current positive reception it has received, it looks like “My Dearest” would maintain the position. However, do know that ratings can fluctuate and are subjective. The best way to find out is to continue watching and see if it keeps delivering the same level of quality and enjoyment. 

This Korean drama is airing every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM KST. Watch all the previous episodes and set a reminder for the upcoming ones. So, you don’t miss any episodes of this historical romantic TV series! Fortunately, you can watch My Dearest on various streaming platforms. However, it’s best to watch it on Viki, Netflix, or Kocowa. Happy watching!




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